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Individuals & Families

Individuals & Families

Why PallasHEALTH?

Nothing is more important than your health and the peace of mind knowing that Pallas provides you with extremely high levels of cover, a lifelong promise to renew your policy at prevailing rates regardless of your claims experience and the freedom to take your plan with you wherever you work and live.  

We believe that your purchase of a PallasHEALTH policy is just the start of a long term, beneficial relationship. Our goal is to reward you for this relationship with friendly, flexible and industry leading levels of customer service. 

Great Freedom of Personal Choice

Benefit choices
You can choose from a range of optional benefit modules to suit the particular needs of you and your family.

Deductible choices
You can select the annual deductible level you feel most comfortable with Nil, US$500, US$1500 and US$5000.

Freedom to live anywhere
With PallasHEALTH, your medical insurance travels with you almost anywhere you go, whether it’s on holiday or a relocation move to another city or country. With most medical insurance policies, your coverage ends when you move from one locale to another. We don’t believe such restrictions meet the needs of today’s global citizens. So you can keep your PallasHEALTH medical insurance, even if you move halfway across the globe!

Choice of medical practitioners
Unlike other insurance providers, we do not dictate which doctors and medical professionals you must use. After all, selection of a medical practitioner is a highly personal decision. We leave this choice totally up to you – as it should be!

Freedom from worry
Like most people, you probably worry what would happen to your family if you had to face severe financial hardships in obtaining treatment for a major medical problem, illness or injury. With PallasHEALTH, your worries are over with annual coverage up to US$3 million and full coverage of most major medical expenses.

Superior Benefits, lasting a Lifetime

Lifetime renewal
When you purchase a PallasHEALTH policy, we want you to become a customer for life. That’s why we offer a lifetime renewal guarantee.

Thus, no matter how large your claims may be during any policy year, you will always have the opportunity to renew your PallasHEALTH plan at prevailing rates. Unlike other insurance companies, we will not drop you as a customer due to your claims rate.

This also means that with PallasHEALTH you will have lifetime coverage, even for chronic conditions that require years of treatment.

International coverage
With a Worldwide PallasHEALTH, anywhere your travels take you, you are covered. Also, you may elect to have medical treatment in a country outside your place of residence. Unlike policies that are restricted to the country of origin, PallasHEALTH is a truly global plan. 

Automatic Cover from birth

The last thing a new mom and dad want to worry about is getting their new addition to the family included in their insurance policy.

That’s why we make this automatic for all PallasHEALTH family policies – your new daughter or son enjoys the same medical insurance coverage as you, including coverage for birth defects and congenital conditions, provided your child's birth occurs 12 months after your policy has been in force.

It’s our way of welcoming your newest addition into your family, and ours.


Emergency Assistance

In case of a medical emergency, please call our 24-hour hotline:
+852 2871 0812 or +66 2022 9190

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