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Claims Related Questions

How do I submit a claim and what information is required?

A claim form is not always required for out-patient or dental claims. In order to settle a claim, we need to know and be provided with the following information as to who is making the claim, who received treatment, what the diagnosis is and a breakdown of the expenses.

We also need to see proof of payment for the services rendered. If any of the information detailed above is not apparent in the documents that you send to us, then you will need to complete the appropriate sections of the Claim Form and submit all the bills, receipts and other claim documents to us.

We do not require originals when filing Pallas claims. You can email your claim directly to us but please save a copy of the original in case we need it.

Is it possible for APRIL International to pay the medical provider directly?

Yes, in many cases APRIL International can arrange to pay the provider directly, both for out-patient treatments and hospitalization. Out-patient direct billing is available to members insured under nil deductible policies with Out-patient benefits. Out-patient direct billing entitles members to enjoy "cashless" access at clinics that are in our network by simply presenting your member card when you arrive at the clinic. The clinic will contact us to verify your membership.

For hospitalizations, APRIL International can arrange to issue a Letter of Guarantee (LOG). The LOG guarantees the medical provider that we will pay your medical expenses for a particular procedure and hospital stay.

A Letter of Guarantee can be set up for any hospital confinement or surgery anywhere in the world. Please inform us as soon as possible, preferably 3 to 5 working days in advance so we can make the necessary arrangements prior to your admission.

For further information on this, please review the Claim Instructions Guide that can be found under the Pallas Forms and Downloads section.

How long will it take to pay my claim?

Provided full information is received, the usual turnaround time for standard claims is five (5) working days.

Where is my claim processing center?

Your claims are processed in Hong Kong for Hong Kong issued policies and Singapore for Singapore issued policies.

Enrollment Related Questions

How long does it take to issue a policy?

The usual turnaround time for policy and card issuance is five (5) working days.

Where can I obtain an Application Form?

You can obtain an Application Form under the PallasHEALTH Forms and Downloads section. Alternatively, you can call or email us to have a copy sent by email or post.

What if I relocate to another country or return permanently to my home country? Will my policy remain effective?

Yes. Your policy will remain effective until the renewal date. Policy renewal is dependent upon the country in which you then reside. It is a policy requirement that you notify us of your change of residence. Whenever possible, please notify us before you relocate. Failure to do so may jeopardize your coverage.

General Questions

Who is eligible for cover under the PallasHEALTH medical insurance plan?

Anyone over the age of 18 whose permanent residence is outside of North America.

Are there any age limits for coverage?

The maximum age at entry is 60 years old. However those 61 years old and above may be considered, subject to underwriter's approval.

Do the plans renew automatically?

PallasHEALTH Plan is a year long renewable insurance contract. Prior to your policy expiry, you will be sent a renewal notice and quotation to the latest address held on file, advising you of your renewal premium. Once this is paid, your coverage continues automatically.

Are pre-existing conditions covered?

Yes, some pre-existing conditions may be covered and may require a premium loading or a cap on benefits. We believe this is a more straightforward and honest approach than offering a pre-existing “waiting period/moratorium” for which the majority of policyholders never qualify.

What coverage is available for Chronic Conditions?

Your PallasHEALTH plan offers comprehensive, full refund coverage for pre-existing conditions even on an out-patient basis.

Will my premiums increase with age?

Your premium is calculated based on the age band within which you fall at policy inception and subsequent renewals. If at renewal you fall in a higher age band, your premium will increase.

Are any other premium increases applicable?

Yes, your premiums will increase in line with medical treatment inflation.

Who do I contact in case of an emergency?

On the back of your member card, you will find the 24-hour number to our emergency assistance provider. They are always available to assist you with any medical emergency. 

If I move to a country in North America, can I keep my APRIL International policy?

Yes. If you move to North America, you can continue to keep your APRIL International policy.

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