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UH100 Individuals & Families

UH100 Individuals & Families

As of 1 January 2014, UniversalHealth 100 is not available for new business.

Who We Cover

UniversalHealth 100 provides affordable, innovated medical insurance coverage for residents of Hong Kong on an individual and family basis.

Main Features and Benefits

A Global Insurer – the UniversalHealth 100 Medical Insurance Plan is underwritten by Zurich Life Insurance Company Ltd, part of the Zurich Financial Services Group, the world's largest Swiss insurance-based financial services provider.

Value for Money Premiums – priding itself on providing the best value for price, the UniversalHealth 100 Medical Insurance Plan has been developed with the aim of suiting the needs of every individual, family, company and association.

Flexibility and Choices – you can choose from a range of policy options and deductibles to suit the particular needs of you and your family, from hospital only with the option to include out-patient and dental coverage.

Guaranteed Renewal – your UniversalHealth 100 Medical Insurance Plan is guaranteed renewable up to your 100th birthday.

Chinese Medicine Coverage – traditional Chinese medicine and treatments, including Chinese herbalist, bonesetter and acupuncture are included with the optional Out-patient plan.

Complementary Medical Coverage – physiotherapist, chiropractor and acupuncturist treatments are covered as core post-hospitalisation benefits when certified as necessary by an attending physician. Physiotherapy and chiropractic treatments are also covered in the optional Out-patient plan.

Worldwide Coverage – option to include North American coverage at an additional premium.

Superior Local Service – industry leading levels of customer service are yours with every GlobalHealth Asia medical coverage plan, including the easy-to-use GlobalHealth Asia Online Member Care service.

Cancer Treatment – is fully reimbursable for in-patient, day patient, and out-patient.

Complications of Pregnancy – coverage includes in-patient and out-patient treatments and surgery resulted directly from pregnancy related complications.

Immediate Coverage for Newborns – your new child can be added to your UniversalHealth 100 Medical Insurance Plan from the date of birth.

Life Insurance Coverage – your UniversalHealth 100 Medical Insurance Plan includes HK$10,000 of life insurance at no additional cost.

Chronic Conditions Coverage – full reimbursement coverage for chronic conditions requiring hospitalisation can be included in your plan, subject to underwriter acceptance and additional premiums.


Emergency Assistance

In case of a medical emergency, please call our 24-hour hotline
+852 3723 3033 or +852 3723 3031

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