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To view the list of providers in our General Outpatient Direct Billing Network, please click here. If you have a plan that is restricted to just the Outpatient Panel Network, please click here.


For your convenience, we have established an Outpatient Direct Billing Network which includes access to over 3,000 general practitioners, specialists and clinics in Hong Kong, Singapore, China, Vietnam, Thailand and across Asia for medical treatment.  

Outpatient direct billing entitles members to enjoy direct billing access from medical providers that are in our Outpatient Direct Billing Network for eligible medical expenses.  Please note that in order to enjoy this service, members must have an outpatient plan with a nil deductible.

To obtain direct billing, you must present your valid member card.  The clinic will contact us in order to verify your membership and levels of benefits.  You may also be required to complete additional forms while waiting for your information to be verified.  For simple treatments, this can be done while you are at the clinic.  For anything more complex, e.g. outpatient surgery, tests, investigative procedures, it is best that you contact the medical provider and us 3 to 5 working days in advance.  Additional verification and information will be required to approve more complex outpatient procedures and facilitate the direct billing.

Your policy may exclude certain types of treatment. Please be aware that excluded items are not eligible for coverage.  If you are not sure whether a treatment is excluded under the terms of your policy or not, please contact us or your insurance advisor for assistance.

Please note that Outpatient direct billing is not available for dental treatment, vaccinations and medical check-ups.  You will have to pay and file a claim in for reimbursement. 

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