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Service You Can Count On

Service You Can Count On

At GlobalHealth Asia we understand that your purchase of one of our medical plans is only the start of a long term relationship. In order to ensure your continued satisfaction, we strive to maintain industry leading levels of customer service.

A young female policyholder living in Seoul collapsed on a subway platform during the morning rush hour. She slipped into a coma and an emergency craniotomy was performed to release pressure on her brain. Within two weeks she had emerged from her coma and her condition had stabilized, however she was left with physical impairments. At the member's request she was flown with medical escort to a special hospital in her home country of Switzerland to receive in-hospital rehabilitation. All emergency transport and hospitalization expenses were covered by the member's GlobalHealth policy.

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An expatriate businessman in Shanghai fell and broke his right femur. GlobalHealth Asia, decided that due to the severe nature of the break, appropriate treatment was not available locally , thus a medical evacuation to Hong Kong and admittance to Adventist Hospital was necessary. After surgery, the member remained in Hong Kong for three weeks of post-hospitalization treatment including physiotherapy. Afterwards, the member was flown back to Shanghai. All of the costs were paid by GlobalHealth directly to the medical providers and there was no cash out-lay by the member.

Switching to GlobalHealth Asia

GlobalHealth Asia plans offer extremely good 'value for money' and are superior to most of the health care and insurance alternatives in the market today. We would be pleased to take a look at your existing medical coverage and provide you with detailed advice – just get in touch with us. Contact us at +852 2526 0505 or send us an enquiry

If you agree that GlobalHealth Asia medical and insurance plans are the wise choice and wish to transfer your existing policy to one of our plans, we will be pleased to assist with personalized service taking into account your particular needs and concerns.


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Need help to review your existing medical coverage and provide you with detailed advice? Please call +852 2526 0505, or send us an enquiry.

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