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Claim Procedure

Claim Procedure

Direct Billing and Claims Procedures

The GlobalHealth Asia team prides itself on providing our members with excellent service. This includes processing your claims in a clear, convenient and timely fashion.

Please take a moment to review the information below. It will assist you in understanding how to take advantage of GlobalHealth’s ability to pay medical providers directly as well as how to claim for reimbursement when you have paid for medical services.

In some cases your policy may have special terms and conditions on accessing particular medical facilities. Always check your policy documents for any specific limitations on your cover.

Out-Patient Direct Billing

For your convenience, GlobalHealth Asia has established an Out-Patient Direct Billing Network which includes access to over 2,000 general practitioners and specialists in Hong Kong, Singapore, China, Vietnam, Thailand and across Asia for medical treatment. 

Out-patient direct billing entitles members to enjoy “cashless” billing at clinics that are in our Out-patient Direct Billing Network for eligible medical expenses. Simply go to a listed clinic and present your member card. The clinic will contact us by telephone in order to verify your membership and levels of benefits. If out-patient direct billing is used within the limits of your policy, we will pay the clinic directly for services and medicines rendered meaning you do not need to pay anything.

Your policy may exclude certain types of treatment. Please be aware that excluded items are not eligible for coverage.  If you are not sure whether a treatment is excluded under the terms of your policy or not, please contact GlobalHealth or your insurance advisor for assistance. Alternatively you may review the details of your policy by logging onto your GlobalHealth account.  Please note that Out-patient direct billing is not available for dental treatment, vaccinations and medical check-ups.

To view our Out-Patient Direct Billing Network, please go to the Forms and Downloads section of the plan that you are interested in or have.

Out-patient Pay and Claim

In cases where the Out-Patient Direct Billing Network has not been utilized, you will be required to settle the consultation, laboratory, or pharmacy charges with the provider first and then submit a claim for reimbursement. Submitted claims should include original receipts, if required by your policy and a completed claim form. For your convenience, claim forms can be downloaded by visiting the Downloads section of the site.  

At the top of the Claim Form you will find instructions on how to complete the form correctly. Please take note that for complicated out-patient treatments or where treatments are expected to continue over a period of time, your physician is required to complete the relevant section of the Claim Form as indicated. Some examples of out-patient claims which would require your physician to complete a portion of the Claim Form include:

  • special diagnostic tests such as CT scans, MRI, stress testing, endoscopy, allergy testing, etc.
  • where surgery or hospitalization is involved or anticipated
  • multiple out-patient visits or when physiotherapy/chiropractor/acupuncture treatments will be required
  • cases involving accidental injury (see below for further instructions)

To ensure there is no delay in processing your claim, please ensure that bills and receipts have enough information filled in by the doctor’s office, laboratory, or pharmacy for the claim to be considered. Here is a summary of the basic details required:

  • name of the patient
  • date of treatment
  • doctor’s name, professional qualifications and clinic address
  • the amount paid by the patient
  • an explanation of the service(s) rendered and the itemized charge(s)
  • the diagnosis or reason for the visit
Hospitalisation and Surgical Claims: Letter of Guarantee

A Letter of Guarantee (LOG) is a letter issued by GlobalHealth Asia or our emergency service provider to a clinic or hospital. It guarantees the medical establishment that we will pay your medical expenses for a particular procedure and hospital stay.  For both planned and emergency hospitalizations, it is possible for GlobalHealth to arrange a Letter of Guarantee (LOG).

A LOG can be set up for any hospital confinement or surgery with any hospital in the world.  In cases of planned or expected hospitalization or surgery and where a Hospital Guarantee is desired, please contact GlobalHealth at least three (3) working days prior to admission. While we will do our utmost to assist you, late or incomplete requests may affect our ability to provide this service.

In cases of medical emergency, in order to arrange a hospital guarantee or prepayment of a hospital deposit, please call our emergency assistance provider whose number is shown on your membership card or click here.

Hospitalisation and Surgical Claims: Pay and Claim

If you are seeking reimbursement on a pay and claim basis, please note that a claim must include full details and original receipts, if required by your policy, and must be accompanied by a fully completed Claim Form.

In Cases of Accident or Injury

In cases of Accident or Injury, you should provide GlobalHealth with a written statement giving full details of how the accident occurred (including date, time and place). We may also require other documentation, such as a police report.

Filing Period

Please ensure that claims are submitted within 90 days of the date of treatment unless it is shown that it was not reasonably possible to file all claim documents within this time. Claims not submitted within 12 months from the date of service will not be considered.

Please note that offsetting claims against premium(s) is not possible.

Reimbursement Methods

In general we are able to reimburse you in most major currencies through cheques or bank transfers.  Please note that reimbursement methods vary from country to country and the type of policy that you have. For further details please contact GlobalHealth Asia.

Bank Transfer: reimbursement can be made direct to your chosen bank account. We will of course absorb payor (sending) bank charges, but are unable to reimburse you for any charges levied by the payee’s (receiving) bank.

Cheque: a cheque can be issued to the policyholder/member in US$, HK$ or SG$.

Important Note

Please note that in some cases your policy may have special terms and conditiions on accessing particular medical facilities.  Always check your policy documents for any specific limitations on your cover.

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